How Much Could You Save with Solar?

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Rebates and Savings

Eau Claire wi residents who switch to solar are eligible for these local, state and federal tax programs.

Program NameProgram TypeAmount
Residential Renewable Energy Tax CreditTax Credit30% before 2020 26% during 2020 22% during 2021
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Personal)Tax ExemptionFull rebate amount excluded from taxable income
Renewable Energy Sales Tax ExemptionsState Tax Credit100% exemption from sales and use tax for eligible purchases
Renewable Rewards ProgramRebate12% of the installed cost, with a maximum of $2,000
Net MeteringUtility CreditExcess power credited to customer's next bill and rolled over monthly and annually; Final service excess handled differently depending on company.
Biogas, Solar, and Wind Energy Equipment ExemptionProperty Tax ExemptionTax exclusion for 100% of system appraisal