Estimate the Cost of Going Solar

What Size is Your Home?

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System Size

8.9 kW

System Cost


Pay-off Time

12 Years

How Much Could You Save with Solar?

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Rebates and Savings

Florida fl residents who switch to solar are eligible for these local, state and federal tax programs.

Program NameProgram TypeAmount
Residential Renewable Energy Tax CreditTax Credit30% before 2020 26% during 2020 22% during 2021
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Personal)Tax ExemptionFull rebate amount excluded from taxable income
Solar and CHP Sales Tax ExemptionSales Tax Exemption exemption for full amount of equipment purchase
Net MeteringUtility CreditExcess power credited to customer's next bill and rolled over monthly. Paid annually at avoided-cost rate
Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy PropertyProperty Tax ExemptionTax exclusion for 100% of system appraisal
Miami-Dade County - Expedited Green Buildings ProcessPermit Exemption Expedited permitting or exemptions