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We reviewed more than 9,422 solar installations and analyzed the performance of 59 installers to find the best solar panel installers in Los Angeles,ca.

Experience: 4
Tesla has completed 3,329 installations in Los Angeles.
Panel Variety
Panel Variety: 39
Tesla offers panels from 4 different manufacturers.
Cost: 4
Tesla charges an average of $5,120 per kW.
Local Expert
Local Expert
This seasoned pro specializes in Los Angeles.
Solar Optimum
Experience: 1
Solar Optimum has completed 40 installations in Los Angeles.
Panel Variety
Panel Variety: 12
Solar Optimum offers panels from 2 different manufacturers.
Cost: 1
Solar Optimum charges an average of $3,070 per kW.
Product Variety
Product Variety
In the top 25% for panel variety -- A great resource for custom options.
Low Cost
Low Cost
Bottom 25% for price -- Perfect for homeowners on a budget.

Estimate the Cost of Going Solar

The price of going solar is decreasing thanks to improved technology and lower material costs. The cost/watt of solar power for homes located in Los Angeles is $5.27, compared to the national average of $4.02 and is decreasing by 17 cents per year. Meanwhile, the average cost of solar panels and installation in Los Angeles is $19,823.

What Size is Your Home?

Select the approximate size of your home by the number of bedrooms to see estimates of the system size, cost, and pay-off time:

System Size

4.1 kW

System Cost


Pay-off Time

9 Years

How Much Could You Save with Solar?

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Rebates and Savings

Los Angeles ca residents who switch to solar are eligible for these local, state and federal tax programs.

Program NameProgram TypeAmount
Residential Renewable Energy Tax CreditTax Credit30% before 2020 26% during 2020 22% during 2021
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Personal)Tax ExemptionFull rebate amount excluded from taxable income
California Solar Initiative - Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) ProgramRebate$3/W CEC-AC
CEC - New Solar Homes PartnershipRebateAffordable housing: 75% of system cost All other projects: 50% of system cost
Net MeteringUtility CreditExcess generated power credited to customer's next bill at retail rate. After 12-month cycle, customer may opt to roll over credit or receive payment
Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy SystemsProperty Tax ExemptionTax exclusion for 100% of system appraisal
Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (ReMAT)Feed-in Tariff
Los Angeles Price Winners
  • Solar Optimum
    1st best price
  • Solarmax Renewable Energy Provider
    2nd best price
  • Pacificsky Solar
    3rd best price